My Own Satoshi
Create a deterministic representation of Satoshi for every Address. Get the Satoshi of your address for sale!
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What is My Own Satoshi?
The collection of NFTs my own satoshi creates a unique representation of Satoshi for each 'Wallet Address'. As a collector, you can purchase any Satoshi at the price of 25 MATIC, but the Satoshi associated with your Wallet only costs 5 MATIC! Enjoy the offer!!
Each satoshi is created by combining thousands of different elements generating an infinity of unique characters. These combinations make up the Satoshi's DNA, which determines its level, rarity, and genotypes.
What is the DNA?
DNA is the 14 elements that represent the unique combination that make up your Satoshi. The DNA also determines the level of the Satoshi, its rarity and the 5 genotypes it can have.
Level types
Some elements that can make up your Satoshi can generate a specific genotype. Some genotypes are rarer than others. Depending on them, your Satoshi may belong to one of the eight levels that exist.
It has no genotypes at all. The most common Satoshi in the metaverse
At least the Sathoshi has 1 genotype. One in 10 Satoshis is Uncommon
At least the Sathoshi has 2 genotypes. One in 80 Satoshis is Rare
At least the Sathoshi has 3 genotypes. One in 2000 Satoshis is Epic
At least the Sathoshi has 4 genotypes. One in 75000 Satoshis is Legendary
The Sathoshi has the 5 genotypes with the 'walk' anim. Only 1 in 4 millions Satoshis is Mythic
The Sathoshi has the 5 genotypes with the 'run' anim. Only 1 in 40 millions Satoshis is Utopic
All Invaluable Satoshis are part of the Special Collection. They are carefully created by the 'architect' and sold apart.
Rarity Score
The rarity Score is a measure of how rare how rare your Soatoshi is. It is calculated using the rarity of the genotypes and components of the Satoshi DNA. Generally speaking, the higher the score, the rarer it is.
About Genotypes
Some special combinations of DNA can generate differential genotypes in your Satoshi. Specifically, there are five types of genotypes.
It is one of the most common genotypes. There are 17 types of horns and 1 in 13 Satoshis has it
It is a less common genotype, only 1 in 23 Satoshis wear glasses. There are 4 different types of of glasses
Some Satoshis are lucky enough to come with a pet. There are 21 different pets
Sometimes a hypnotic effect envelops our Satoshi. There are four kinds of effects, snowflakes, leaves, petals and flies
The animations contain both the most common and the rarest genotypes. Most of Satoshis are idle, 1 in 7 Satoshis walks but only 1 in 70 runs
Frequently Answered Questions
Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find your answer, please write to us at and we will answer as soon as possible.
In what network do Satoshis live?
All Satoshis have been created on the Polygon/Matic network. Transaction fees are dramatically cheaper and transfer speeds much faster.
How do I get MATIC?
IMPORTANT: To purchases Satoshis you will need to own Matic in the Polygon network. You can buy Matic, directly on the Polygon network using various exchanges, for example
How do I connect Metalmask to Polygon?
To connect your Metamask to the Polygon network you can follow this tutorial: Connect Metamask to Polygon
How to buy Satoshis?
The easiest and most direct way is through this website. In it you can make a preview of the Satoshi by entering different addresses. Remember that the address of your wallet has an incredible offer !! Once chosen you can proceed to buy it by pressing the buy button and signing the transaction in metamask. Another option is to enter a market like OpenSea, Rarible or another and see how many Satoshis are for sale, choose the one you like the most and buy it.
I have gone to buy my address but it appears as 'Sold'
As we have explained before, anyone can buy any address. There is a great offer if you buy the address from which you make the payment, but nothing prevents you from buying any other address... by the way, have you tried to buy the addresses with the most ethers on the blockchain ;)?
I have bought my Satoshi but I do not see the image or video in OpenSea
Relax, the Satoshi is yours for life! What happens is that for each purchase we have to generate the associated image and video and that takes a few hours. We are currently generating all images and videos twice a day. In any case, you can always view your complete NFT on our website by typing the address.
I want to sell my Satoshi. Is there a royalty associated with it?
Each Satoshi has a 5% royalty that is given to the creators to finance the project.
What is the 'Special Collection'?
The 'Special Collection' are Satoshis carefully created by the 'architect' and sold apart. They present very special characteristics and cannot be minted by traditional ways.
Where can I see and buy 'Special Collection' Satoshis?
You cann't by the moment. They will come soon.